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dal 1962 industria imballaggi in legno

Nucleo Industriale S. Atto Teramo (TE)

+39 0861 232010

HT Phytosanitary Treatment

No risk of infestation





What is it?

The FAO IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) has developed the ISPM-15 standard, which has been adopted in more than 170 countries around the world, for the elimination of any harmful organisms, which may also be spread by wooden pallets/packaging used in trade between countries around the world, and to protect the world’s forest heritage.

Standard ISPM-15, which is based on the phytosanitary measure identified by the IPPC, requires raw wood packaging to be treated (heat treatment-HT) before shipment is made.

Following the treatment or production of packaging with already treated timber, the IPPC/FAO-FITOK mark must be affixed.


LESTI PALLETS has 2 drying/processing cells and holds the following permits provided for the production and trade of IPPC/FAO-FITOK-labeled wooden pallets/packaging such as:

Soggetto 7.1

Enterprise performing heat treatment on semi-finished, semi-finished and finished wood material.

Soggetto 7.2b

Enterprise using already treated semi-finished material for the production of ISPM 15 brand packaging.

Soggetto 7.2RB

A company that selects used finished packaging under the ISPM 15 brand.

Artificial drying

Artificial wood drying process is carried out through artificially produced hot air inside high-tech cells; this process allows us to obtain significant quantities of dried packaging for any of our customers’ requirements in a faster time than natural drying (24 to 30 hours).



Prevents mold and mildew from attacking wood


There is an increase in the performance of the pallet by extending its life cycle


Solves moisture problems associated with fresh wood in the product


Riduce il peso del pallet rendendolo più maneggevole