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dal 1962 industria imballaggi in legno

Nucleo Industriale S. Atto Teramo (TE)

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Lesti Pallets supports:

in order to contribute to forest conservation and biodiversity through the collection, recovery and recycling of wood packaging.

Environmental Labeling for Wood Packaging

Normative reference

Decree no. 360 dated September 28, 2022, “Guidelines on the Labeling of Packaging Pursuant to the

of Art 219, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree April 3, 2006, no. 52,” contains the directions

operational on packaging as of January 1, 2023.

Ministerial Decree no. 360

What does it consist of?

Environmental labeling of packaging consists of putting a label on all the

packaging placed on the Italian market to provide information on both the composition of the

packaging, as well as on proper disposal by the consumer.

Should wooden pallets and crates carry environmental labeling?

The Decree adopts the Guidelines developed by Conai and distinguishes according to the recipients:

consumers-citizens and commercial/industrial.

In the specific case of packaging (pallets and wooden crates) for industrial channels (B2B)

material identification coding is provided: FOR50.

This identification code can be affixed/printed/embossed directly on the packaging,

or on a stand in case it is provided in the packaging system.

Separate collection of wooden pallet


FOR 50

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